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BiRetix Duo Gel 30ml

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This Powerhouse of a product has a unique combination of innivotive and clinically proven technologies which target every stage of the cycle of spot prone skin, leaving a clearer complexion with significantly fewer comedones, spots and redness. The advanced BiRetix Duo formulation combines optimum levels of the following ingredients which work together synergistically to deliver the very best results:

  • RetinSphere Technology: An advanced combination of cosmetic retinoids that clears pores and clarifies the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of comedonesthat can lead to spots
  • BIOPEP.15: A sophisticated botanical complexcontaining Oligopeptide 10, a peptide clinicallyu proven to fight P.acnes bacteria
  • Salicylic Acid: Clinically proven to purify skin and help reduce redness

**We are an Approved E-Commerce partner for Biretix - to place an order for these products, please contact us to discuss whether the products are suitable for your skin, and when and how they should be used.

Biretix products are only available to purchase online following a one-to-one conversation to ensure that the products are suitable for the client, and that they are used safely and correctly for the very best results.


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