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  • Introducing the Silk’n Lipo: The New Fat Reduction Device

    Silk’n Lipo features a unique combination of two clinically proven technologies in one device for targeted fat reduction. Based on technology used in weight loss clinics and salons, the technologies used (LLLT & EMS) effectively lose stubborn fat, while also training and toning the underlying muscles.

    The Technology featured within the Silk’n Lipo

    What is LLLT?

    Low level laser therapy is a fast-growing technology that helps permanently slim, firm and tighten areas of the skin without pain, discomfort or common side effects associated with surgical treatment. The Silk’n Lipo uses LLLT to breakdown fat cells and overtime results in fat loss in the treatment areas. LLLT is a reliable, non-invasive lipo treatment that doesn’t require the user to be under anaesthesia, unlike liposuction.

    Here is a video directly from Silk’n showcasing the benefits of LLLT by Dr. Stephen Mulholland:

    What is EMS Technology?

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has been used for many years by physical therapists to maintain or improve muscular strength. EMS is the

    application of electrical pulses through electrodes, leading to an increase in muscular tone, strength and endurance, as well as a decrease in waist circumference.

    The two technologies complement each other perfectly. The Silk’n Lipo combines LLLT with EMS to facilitate fatty contents out of fat cells and ensure that the fatty acids are dismissed from the body. To aid the process of the laser fat removal, we recommend you drink enough water before and after the treatment.

    Getting started with the Silk’n Lipo!

    The Silk’n Lipo is one of the safest devices for non-surgical fat removal for the stomach and can be used on the abdomen, as well as the waistline, thigh area, buttocks and upper arms. It is important to understand that EMS in Silk’n Lipo is applied only in the targeted area and is not intended for use whilst exercising.

    Before you start you want to ensure your treatment units are fully charged, then dampen the electrode pads before connecting the parts of the device together. Place the device around the area you wish to treat, ensuring the treatment units have good contact with your skin and that the belt is well secured. You can then start to configure the EMS levels on each treatment unit with the “+” and “-” buttons. Silk’n recommends using the highest level that still feels comfortable for the most optimal treatment.

    Treat each section for 15 minutes a day, for larger parts of the body it is recommended to try multiple sessions to cover the whole area and avoid any gaps/overlaps. Make sure to clean the units after each use and place them back in the charging dock. The Silk’n Lipo treatment can be repeated up to three times a week until you get your desired results.

    If you’re facing difficulties operating the Silk’n Lipo, here is a very helpful video from Silk’n demonstrating how to use the device:

    The Silk’n Lipo is available on our site now If you have any further questions about the product feel free to call us on 020 8453 8883 or email us at where we’ll be more than happy to answer!

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