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Hair Removal is Easy with HPL System Silk'n Glide

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The Silk'n Glide HPL Hair Removal System is manufactured by the world renowned Silk'n brand famed for their beauty electrical products, designed to make your life easier. The 150,000 pulse system is their latest version.

It is designed to last between 5-7 years (dependent on usage) and works by absorption of light energy into the hair shaft, which then turns to heat and disables the growth cells of the hair follicle.  The product also has a built in safety skin colour sensor.

There are currently 2 models that we sell at Health and Beauty Online.  There is a 50,000 Pulse model designed to last for between 2 and 5 years (dependent on use) and the aforementioned 150,000 model.

The product has been tested and is clinically proven to work which is why it recommended by industry experts.  Say no more to razor burns or wax residue with this easy to use system.

You can use the product in the following areas of your body - legs, arms, bikini line, armpits, face and neck and is so safe that you do not need to wear protective glasses as another safety feature of the product is that it will not pulse while in the air, although it is advisable that you do not use the unit near the eyes.

What is HPL Technology?

HPL™ stands for Home Pulsed Light. The patented Silk’n technology can remove unwanted hair permanently using pulses of light.

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With the Silk'n Glide permanent hair removal is indeed as easy as 1-2-3.


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