Daylight Slimline LED Floor Lamp


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The Daylight Slimline LED Floor Lamp gives you plenty of bright daylight(TM) light for comfortable crafting and reading. With the 2 unique flex points, you can swiftly direct the light exactly where you need it. The slim head design gives you perfect lighting conditions, with optimal shadow free lighting. This lamp comes with bright daylight LED's which are energy saving and reduces eye strain and gives you true colour matching.

  • Model D35117
  • Light source: LED
  • Lux output at 30cm (12"): 1,630 Lux
  • Energy consumption: 5W
  • Maximum Reach: 73cm (28.7”)
  • Product Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)
  • Cable length: 2.3m (90.6")

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