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Hive Wax Heater 1000cc

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  • The hive wax heater 1000cc with its removable inner container provides flexibility to use the unit with various waxes of your choice
  • Suited to all warm and crème depilatory waxes, the unit also works well at both lower and higher temperature settings required for both paraffin and depilatory hot waxes respectively
  • Extra inner containers are available as optional extras
  • A nylon handle makes the removal and insertion of the inner container an easy operation
  • The heater is supplied with two locking collars, one to provide a stable base and a second which is inverted and locked in top position as a protective collar
  • Safe and easy handling of the wax heater is ensured when moving the unit around the salon or to the next working location by provision of a moulded handle


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