1. These Terms and Conditions of the Promotion (‘Promotion Terms and Conditions’) apply to the promotional action ‘Silk'n Cashback weeks 2019’ (hereinafter referred to as: ‘the Promotion’). The Promotion is organised by Invention Works BV, trading under the name Silk'n, Donk 1B, 2991LE, Barendrecht, the Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as: ‘the Organiser’.
  2. By participating in the Promotion, the participant (hereinafter referred to as: Participant) agrees to the Promotion Terms and Conditions. The Promotion Terms and Conditions can be consulted on the following website for the promotion: -
  3. The Promotion will begin on 01.08.2019 and end on 30.09.2019 (hereinafter referred to as: ‘the Promotion Period’). Participation in the Promotion is only possible during the Promotion Period, in the sense that the Promotional Product must have been purchased during this period.
  4. Participation in the Promotion is open to anyone aged 18 and over living in the European Economic Area, i.e. all countries of the EU, Norway and Switzerland. A bank account in one of the participating countries is required if you are using the cashback option. Importers and other resellers are excluded from participating in this Promotion. Retailers and dealers are not allowed to participate on behalf of their customers.
  1. To participate, the Participant must register on the Promotion Website by 31.10.2019 at the latest. Please note that the Promotional Product must be purchased during the Promotion Period. After registration, the participant will receive a confirmation email of the registration.
  2. The Promotion is an end user promotion and applies only to Promotional Products purchased by a Participant during the Promotion Period from an Internet or other shop participating in the Promotion with a trade address within the applicable Promotional Area. The list of participating shops published on the promotion website.
  3. Silk'n is entitled at its own discretion and without prior notice to change or modify the Promotion Terms and Conditions during the Promotion Period, or to discontinue the Promotion without stating any reason, or to change or modify the Promotion if circumstances so require, without the Organiser being liable in any way for compensation of damages towards the participant. Changes or amendments to the Promotion Terms and Conditions and/or the discontinuation of or changes or adjustments to the Promotion will be announced by the Organiser via the Promotion Website.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify or refuse any Participant who has violated any of the Promotion Terms and Conditions, provided incomplete or inaccurate information, attempted to manipulate the Promotion or, possibly, without stating any reasons.
  5. Only one application is permitted for each purchased Promotional Product.
  6. Participants are obliged to provide correct, current and complete information. The Organiser may request Participants to provide proof of their identity and valid registration at the residential or indicated address they have provided.
  7. In the event a Participant returns the Promotional Product based on which he or she may participate in the Promotion, the right to participate shall lapse.
  8. Silk'n Occasions/second-hand/B-stock/ Security/Parallel import products are excluded from the Promotion.
  9. Registrations without proof of purchase (purchase receipt or invoice) will not be processed.
  10. The following elements must be clearly visible on the proof of purchase: retailer's name, printed retailer logo, date of purchase, product name, price of the product and VAT of the product.
  11. Since Invention Works BV is organising the Promotion, these Promotion Terms and Conditions shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law, and any disputes arising from or in connection with this Promotion shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Amsterdam. 
  12. No rights can be derived from any typesetting or typing errors in these Promotion Terms and Conditions or other communications of the Organiser or in the communications of the retailers involved. 

The Promotion

  1. With regard to the Promotional Product which he or she acquires during the Promotion Period in the Promotional Area, the participant may:
    1. receive a portion of the purchase price of a Promotional Product back (hereinafter the ‘Cashback’); or
    2. receive a portion of the purchase price of a Promotional Product back in the form of a voucher (hereinafter the ‘Silk'n voucher’)
  2. The amount of the relevant Cashback or Silk'n credit depends on the value of the relevant Promotional Product. An overview of any Cashback amounts and Silk'n credits has been included in the table below.
  3. Only Promotional Products in original Silk'n packaging are allowed to participate in the Promotion.
  4. All amounts include VAT. 


  1. The Participant can claim a Cashback by registering on the Promotion Website before 31.10.2019. The Organiser will make every effort to deposit a Cashback into the bank account specified by the Participant within approximately 30 days after approval of the application. The Organiser is not bound by this term.
  2. In the event the Cashback is refused or not paid for any other reason, it will be forfeited to Silk'n. 

Silk'n credit

  1. After registration, the Silk'n voucher will be sent to the Participant by email in the form of a code.
  2. The Participant can only use the Silk'n voucher on
  3. The Participant may only use the Silk'n voucher once. If the amount to be paid is lower than the Silk'n voucher, the remaining credit on the Silk'n voucher will expire.
  4. If a Participant buys an additional Promotional Product during the Promotion Period, he or she can claim previously accrued Silk'n voucher with the purchase of that additional Promotional Product. In addition, when purchasing the additional Promotional Product, the Participant can indicate again which benefit he or she prefers:
    1. Cashback; or
    2. Silk'n voucher
  5. The Silk'n voucher is valid until 31.12.2019 at the latest. Any Silk'n voucher not used by this date shall be forfeited to the Organiser. 

Liability and indemnification

  1. Silk’n and the subcontractors and/or third parties it engages cannot be held liable for all actions and costs resulting from the Promotion.
  2. The Organiser and the subcontractors and/or third parties it engages are not liable for any damage, direct and/or indirect, caused by, or in any other way related to:
    1. a paid Silk'n Cashback;
    2. the modification, interruption or termination of the Promotion and/or the adjustment of the Promotion if circumstances so require;
    3. the unlawful use of its systems by a third party.
  3. The Organiser has taken all technical, organisational and administrative measures to ensure the Promotion proceeds without any problems. However, in the event the Promotion must be temporarily interrupted or possibly discontinued in spite of these measures, Silk'n expressly disclaims all responsibility and the Participants in the Promotion shall not be entitled to compensation.
  4. With regard to the participation in the Promotion, its consequences and implementation, the Participant waives any legal action against partners, sponsors and employees who are directly or indirectly involved in Silk'n.
  5. If and to the extent that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared null and void or annulled, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect. In this case, Silk'n will establish a new provision to replace the null/nullified provision, whereby the purport of the void or annulled provision will be taken into account as much as possible. 

Personal data

    1. The personal data of Participant, which are provided to Silk'n through participation in the Promotion, will be processed by Silk'n in accordance with the current legal provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the local legislation based thereon, and with the Silk'n Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy of Silk'n can be consulted on By participating in the Promotion, the Participant agrees that his or her personal data will be included in Silk'n's automatic database. Silk'n may outsource parts of the processing of personal data to third parties involved in the administration of this Promotion.
    2. Personal information, including, but not limited to, the name, image of the invoice, the landline or mobile telephone number and/or the email address of the Participant is only used in connection with this Promotion and will not be provided to third parties, unless this is necessary for the implementation of this Promotion, except in cases where the Participant has explicitly agreed to receive more information from Silk'n (for example by ticking a box). The Participant has the right to access, correct, update or delete his or her data.
    3. Upon registration, the participant will have provided their personal data to Invention Works BV and to Interpay Sales Promotions, and to its agents, to carry out the promotion and to conduct marketing and quality control analysis. Interpay Sales Promotions and its agents are responsible for securely storing, processing and transferring the participant’s personal data wholly in accordance with applicable local Data Protection Laws and Regulations. By registering, the participant consents to these terms and conditions. Should the participant tick the opt-in box on the online registration form, the participant also consents that the promoter, other Interpay Sales Promotions entities and/or their agents can process their data for the purposes of advising participants of other promotions, new products and services, and/or for future marketing and quality control analysis. Participants have the right to consult and request rectification of their information as held by the promoter. Any information regarding data can be requested at Interpay Sales promotions, IDA Business &, Technology Park, Ring Road, Kilkenny, Ireland, +353 (0)1 887 1949 / +44 (0)203 368 6832 / 

      Correspondence and complaints

        1. Any questions and/or comments regarding the Promotion can be addressed to the organiser of the Promotion. The help desk can be contacted by telephone on 0906-2130009 or via
        2. Complaints about the Promotion Terms and Conditions and the Promotion can be submitted to Silk'n.
        3. Silk'n can under no circumstances be held responsible for not answering questions or not doing so on time. 

        Final Provision

        No part of the content of the Promotion or publication may be reproduced or published without the express permission of the Organiser of the Promotion.

        Promotional Products

        SKU  Product Cashback Value Voucher Value
        2529 Infinity Velvet 400k Pulses £40.00 £60.00
        2532 Jewel Luxx 200k Pulses £15.00 £22.50
        2090 Silk'n Motion 350k Pulses £30.00 £45.00
        1282 ReVit Prestige £15.00 £22.50
        2063 Fresh £8.00 £12.00
        2533 Toothwave £30.00 £45.00
        2534 Tightra £40.00 £60.00