Hapla-Gel Digital Strip


Hapla-gel is an advanced polymer gel system of dressing and appliances for the relief of pressure and friction.

Hapla-gel is made from pure medical grade ingredients. It is non toxic and hypo-allergenic, the mineral oil in Hapla-gel slowly permeates the skin during wear to soften and lubricate and keep it supple. Hapla-gel products can be carefully hand washed to extend their life allowing repeated use after many applications.

Hapla-gel protects and cushions, pressure is absorbed and redistributed by Hapla-gel’s soft elastic structure which helps to remove the effect of friction on the skin.

  • Elasticated tube with a cushioning strip of polymer gel on the inside
  • Thicker gel for extra protection
  • Pressure relief for top, bottom or side of toe
  • Cut to size as required
  • Supplied in 71cm length

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