Transformulas FaceContour and Tightening Creme 15ml

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Transformulas Face Contour & Tightening Creme is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment. It is specially designed to sculpt, contour and define. Our unique formulation improves elasticity, hydration and boosts collagen for an overall lifting and firming effect, as well as having anti-ageing actions, reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin.

The Results? A visible lifting and smoothing effect around eyes and neck. Key active ingredients such as Eyeseryl and Gatuline Expression protect skin against signs of ageing, so skin appears fresher and younger looking.

  • Encourages cell renewal to reduce signs of ageing 
  • Brightens and firming actions
  • Lifts tired and slackened jowls
  • Defines bone structure for a smoother, firming look
  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration

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